What is Naos, exactly ?

Hi, I’m Martin LUCAS, French architect born in 1980.

I’m mostly unsatisfied with the options that are given to us to model most of the buildings we refurbish and build, don’t you ?

Most software don’t deal with non-square shapes, basic modifications, complex walls varying in thickness, differents stages of construction and replacement.

Most software deal with database in a tree-like way, making it difficult to manage and to use to its full potential.

Most software lack basic graphic design and comprehensive GUI.

NAOS is the brand I chose to provide advice and design to companies interrested in improving their solutions or creating something new.

If you think I can help you, say hello!

Not yet convinced ? Then read this :

Why would we add a new piece of software? There are Rhino+VisualARQ, Sketchup, Revit LT…

Rhino is a powerful modeler, but is…

  • mainly destructive.
  • there is no proper data management, even with addons.
  • no timelines or schedules
  • no real tools, rather commands that take a lot of room on your screen
  • no complex solid layered objects

Sketchup is fine for a lot of things, but has practically the same drawbacks as Rhino :

  • destructive, no proper database.
  • isn’t able to manage curves and surfaces, but only meshes.

Revit LT is a powerful package for new buildings, but :

  • is mainly based on predetermined categories as : walls, slabs, roofs. What do you do when a shape is something continuous, evolving from wall to roof ?
  • Revit’s database management doesn’t allow crossed filtering (even if some plugins try to do so).
  • Revit (LT)’s interface produces a lot of friction, and can’t allow lots of customization.

And finally…

There hasn’t been any new software in the field in the past 15 years.

Sketchup was created 16 years ago, Revit’s first version was issued in 2000, Rhino’s first release was in 1998.

Do we need to talk about Archicad ?

15 years before, the Iphone didn’t even exist.

Do we still buy “improved” versions of Nokia 3410 ?

It is time to start anew, from scratch.

If you want to stay tuned, just say hello!